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Our latest production is a 'mobile-first' website for MVM Asia, a company providing project management and construction services to the railway industry throughout Asia. The site design showcases the capabilities and projects of MVM Asia. All content elements can be updated and new projects can be added easily by the MVM's staff, via a powerful content management system.

MVM Asia website


Most user experience issues on mobile are caused by building for desktop and then adapting it for mobile. As mobile usage increases to overtake desktop we have to switch our thinking and prioritise the user experience of our largest traffic source; mobile. The mobile-first methodology is based on conclusive research into the future of mobile. The design and development of the website followed this approach to ensure the best outcomes for mobile users as well as desktop.


We've handed over the website to MVM and hope they enjoy looking after their website as much as we enjoyed developing it!

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Alexis Bradley-Mills is a web developer with over 10 years experience developing websites and software for various international organisations.