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Increased use of mobile devices

Mobile devices, that is smartphones and tablets, are accounting for an increasing amount of web traffic. Consider the following statistics on mobile use:

  • Google: mobile searches grew 130% in Q3 2010.
  • eBay: global mobile sales $2 billion in 2010, $600 million in 2009. Real commercial opportunities emerging on mobile.
  • Average smartphone user visits up to 24 websites per day.
  • Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access devices worldwide by 2013.


Adapting websites for mobile devices

So what can we do to make our websites mobile-friendly? We need to understand what someone looking at your website on a mobile device is trying to achieve. Someone visiting a restaurant's website on their smartphone, if they haven't already decided to eat there, would be looking for the menu and a phone number to make a booking or takeaway order. With this in mind we can adapt the smartphone design to readily provide this information for an easy, positive, user experience.

It's a challenge to achieve these positive experiences across multiple devices, however the investment is more than worth it.

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Alexis Bradley-Mills is a web developer with over 10 years experience developing websites and software for various international organisations.